Client / Member Engagement Strategies

How do you turn your clients into advocates while building your business? Engagement strategies are not only for charities and non-profit organizations: businesses too have the opportunity to help their clients and members climb the ladder of engagement, becoming involved in the issues that motivate you as an ethically driven business. For some businesses this might mean providing your clients and members with opportunities to get involved in local community initiatives to fight poverty or climate change. For others it might mean developing strategies to create a network of members or clients who are encouraged to make lifestyle changes, advocate on public policy, or change their purchasing patterns.

While you are building your clients’ and members’ roles in civil society, you are building loyalty to your business, and creating a viral marketing sales force that will spread the word about your products and services in a way no paid advertising strategy ever can. And because your business is deeply rooted in social or environmentally sustainable practices, people will be drawn back to your products or services as they become more conscious of their choices.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Many businesses today pay lip service to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). But for ethically driven business, the quest for a triple bottom line – taking care of people and the planet, while taking care of profits – is more than putting pictures of laughing children and forested hills in your Annual Report. It’s about an underlying motivation that drives every decision in your business. For businesses that truly want to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility, Highwater Mark can help plot a course toward an ethical bottom line. We don’t have all the answers, but we can help ask the right questions.

Leadership Development Strategies

As part of Highwater Mark’s engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, we will work with all the members of the ethically driven businesses, charities, and non-profit teams to develop leadership skills to accomplish these strategies and build the capacity to achieve long-term personal, organizational, and societal success. Creating strategies without having in place the deeply rooted leadership skills to implement them is pointless. Highwater Mark believes in matching strategies with the leadership capacity of the organization, and building the leadership capacity to implement the strategy.