Stephen is the author of nine works of fiction and non fiction, including The Third Riel Conspiracy, The Slickrock Paradox and The Vanishing Track. Click here to read about his books.

Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky: A Foothills Journey is an exploration and celebration of the foothills of southern Alberta and northern Montana. Portrayed through vivid stories and stunning colour and black and white photography, Earth and Sky will showcase a vibrant part of the Rocky Mountain landscape. Many people in Alberta, Montana, and from across North America and around the world travel through the foothills to reach more iconic destinations, such as Banff, Kananaskis, Waterton or Glacier National Parks. The foothills, however, are a unique destination on their own and have helped define both Alberta and Montana, serving as the backdrop for much of this region’s history, and forming a rich cultural and natural landscape. Earth and Sky will reveal, in essay and images, the grandeur and beauty of this unique cross-border landscape. Learn more about Earth and Sky here, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Running Toward Stillness

Running Toward Stillness was published by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books in 2013. While it is principally a book of essays, it is also by first book to be illustrated by more than forty original colour and black and white photographs. Learn more about Running Toward Stillness on my writing page, here.

Suplication in the Indian Ocean, Varkala, India (click to enlarge).

Supplication in the Indian Ocean, Varkala, India (click to enlarge).