Silas Pearson always thought he’d find is wife alive…

What if everything you believed to be true about your wife’s disappearance turned out to be a lie? In the third and final Red Rock Canyon Mystery, Silas Pearson finally unearths the truth.

It’s been five years since Silas Pearson’s wife, Penelope, disappeared, and two since she started appearing in his dreams. He had believed that she was trying to beckon him to her, but when her skeletal remains are found at the bottom of a reservoir, Silas is stricken with grief and struggles to understand the purpose of his dreams. And when Silas learns that Penelope’s death was not accidental, but a violent execution, he embarks on a renegade mission across the Colorado Plateau to hunt down the last person who saw his wife alive.

The final installment in the Red Rock Canyon mystery series offers up the missing pieces in the puzzle of Penelope’s disappearance, and uncovers the horrible truth about who wanted her dead and why.

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