Rio, Silas and I arrive back in Victoria late on Tuesday night after a long, but amazing journey. I picked the boys up at the riverside water park in Kamloops and we drove across the Coquihalla highway, the guys slipping in and out of sleep, and in and out of spells of fighting and playing together, as I put more miles on Alberta.

An hour at the central park in Hope, some fudge (mistake) and then the long, arduous, and confusing journey across the lower mainland to the ferry, and finally, the crossing, and home. All in all I was on the road for more than 15 hours, fighting a cold the entire way. For most of my adult life, when I’ve undergone some kind of major emotional challenge, my body works through the trauma buy getting good and sick. It’s a special two-for-one deal. The difference between ten years ago and now is that now I don’t give into the illness, but meditate on perfect health, which almost always works.