Here are some audio files for your listening pleasure. They open in Quick Time in a new window.

Listen to The End of the Line

Chapter One, The End of the Line read by Stephen.

During my tour (if you call five stops a tour) for The End of the Line I took to reading a short section from Chapter Two, The Return of Durant Wallace. The End of the Line

Listen to The Darkening Archipelago

The Epilogue, The Darkening Archipelago

This is a reading of Chapter Two of The Darkening Archipelago (you can read Chapter One by clicking here. After that, you’ve got to buy the book).

The final reading from The Darkening Archipelago is a reading of the back of the book material for The Darkening Archipelago called Process Stories. Essentially a “making of” for the book, this material includes a narrative of how the Darkening Archipelago came to be, some thoughts on writing a mystery series, and commentary on the real life crisis facing British Columbia’s wild salmon.

Listen to The Cardinal Divide

This is a reading of the Prologue to the Cardinal Divide.

Listen to Carry Tiger to Mountain: The Tao of Activism and Leadership

This is a talk given at Vancouver’s Necessary Voices shortly after Carry Tiger to Mountain was released in the fall of 2006. (This will ask you to save a file. Its safe. Trust me.)