For the last few years I’ve been writing a number of blogs, all hosted on blogspot. With the launch of this website, I’m going to amalgamate two of these blogs under the writing section of I’ve moved a fair number of BLOG entries from blogger over to this wordpress site, but you can visit the original locations and use them as an archive if you like. They are:

Running Toward Stillness: Searching for Bliss in Work, Family and Love


The Cole Blackwater BLOG

Running Toward Stillness began as a blog about the launch of my first book, Carry Tiger to Mountain, but soon became an inquiry into the underlying importance of running, meditation, Buddhism, Taoism, family, work and love in my life. There are almost 100 entries in this BLOGs original location found here.

The Cole Blackwater BLOG is a chronicle of the progress of the Cole Blackwater mystery series. The original location of this BLOG serves as an archive for older material, and is a blow by blow accounting of how this series came to be published.