Feedback on The Slickrock Paradox from readers:

“Wow!  Great stuff!  Now i need to get cleaning, and get all this fine red Utah sand out of my bedroom…” - Gareth Thompson, Canmore, Alberta

Feedback on The Vanishing Track from readers:

“This book is well written, skillfully plotted, filled with interesting characters, complex and layered. It kept my up long past my bedtime. It’s a delight to read a book which speaks about the pain of  homelessness, and is also a rip-roaring action adventure/mystery. I believe that mysteries can go way past the old confines of the mystery genre and be novels with ideas as well as social awareness. This book is a perfect example. A great read.” – Susan Rose Slatkoff

“I have read it and what a read it was.  It is so well done, it was as if I was right there. The story felt real for me and I could picture everything so clearly.” – Constable Jodyne Keller, the Vancouver Police Department’s homeless liaison.

I wanted to let you know that I just finished reading the book last night.  A nail biter!  I had to skim over some of the violent parts (removing fingernails!!!! Arg) but really enjoyed the book.  I found it very interesting to learn about the DTES and understand on a deeper level the dynamics at play.” – Julia Watson, Vancouver

Feedback on The End of the Line from readers:

“End of the Line was such a fabulous book to read.  Well done.  I loved the history, the Canadian aspect, and Durrant.  Such a good character.  It wasn’t as if I was reading the book, but seeing the movie!” Delores, Calgary, AB

“Just finished your book, i was so looking forward to it I read it in a day or so. Being a tour driver for 25 years this book took me back to the day I moved to Lake Louise in the early 80′s I know the real history but your writing was so good this would make for exciting stories of the lake…. cant wait for the next book, well done… total enjoyment.” Grieg, Bow Valley Alberta

Terrific book altogether!  Did a review on Amazon.  Really looking forward to your next in 2013, and hope to see more of “Charlie”.  Excellent ending.” Roger, Bow Valley Alberta

“Legault knows his history, and that’s what makes this novel shine. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of Durrant Wallace.” Margarete Canon, The Globe and Mail.

“What good is a mounted policeman who can’t ride? As it turns out, in Stephen Legault’s tightly plotted mystery, quite good indeed.” Cadwick Ginther, Quill and Quire.

“The End of the Line transported me. This explosive tail takes readers on a rough and tumble ride through Canada’s wild West. I completely lost myself in Stephen Legault’s imagined world — what more could a reader ask for?” Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage and the Caturbury Trail.

“Canadians like to think that law enforcement in their country reached the west before the outlaws did, but End of the Line may change their minds. At that moment when the country was about to be linked coast to coast by the last spike in the transcontinental railway, a lot of desperate men lived and worked  together in horrendous conditions and, well, let’s just say it didn’t encourage that famous Canuck politeness. It’s 1884, and a vicious murder in a railroad camp brings out a retired, damaged Mountie named Durrant Wallace who has to sort out the truth from a wicked tangle of motives. Spies, moonshiners, and corrupt politicians will keep you guessing right up to the nailbiting conclusion of this colourful and thoroughly Canadian crime story. If you’re a fan of the historical mystery, head West–you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Stephen Legault.”

Giles Blunt, award winning author of the John Cardinal crime series.

Feedback on The Darkening Archipelago from readers:

“Victoria’s Stephen Legault has set his latest crime thriller – The Darkening Archipelago – in the dark waters of BC’s Broughton Archipelago, where the crusty and alcohol-imbued environmental organizer Cole Blackwater finds himself thrown into a potent stew where poverty, racial tension and fish farming combine to murder Archie Ravenwing, a native fisherman and activist who is determined to save the wild salmon from a deadly assault by sea-lice.

If you have not yet discovered Legault’s dark and deliciously sinister writing, and if you enjoy gritty realism, treat yourself to his new book for a good summer read.”

Guy Dauncey, Editor, EcoNews.

“I greatly enjoyed the Cole Blackwater books while camping this month. I appreciate the Hillermanesque qualities, especially the attention to beauty in the landscape.”

James Pratt

“I just finished [The] Darkening Archipelago and want to let you I just loved it – got caught up in it, couldn’t wait to pick it up and keep reading. Great character development and plot and depiction of the coast. So how long do I have to wait before the next fix?”

David Thompson

“Having bought the book I could not put it down – a truly excellent read.  I will be buying this book as a present for many friends this year.”

Dr. Andrew Wright, P. eng, photographer and advocate

Feedback on The Cardinal Divide from readers:

“You are good! I have just finished reading “The Cardinal Divide.” It was an absolute pager-turner. In fact one night, near the end, I had trouble getting to sleep….Your powers of description are very vivid and of course your heart is in the same place as mine in the environmental areas. You appropriately showed the complexity of the issues. I hope that your publisher promotes it. This book deserves a large audience.”

Wildlife Artist and Conservationist, Robert Bateman.

“I’ve just finished your book…… and it’s great!! I don’t normally read murder mysteries at all (though I enjoy them on TV), and for the first 3 chapters, I felt no sympathy for Cole B, who’s not the kind of man I’d normally hang out with (I’ve not drunk enough beers and chasers), but it grew on me, and there was a point about 1/3rd of the way through when my disbelief was duly suspended, and it all became “real”. Now I just want to read his next adventures! Don’t you dare kill him off in the 3rd book – he’s got all of those ten books in him that you have up your sleeve.”

Guy Dauncey, Author and Environmentalist

“I had a traveling marathon last week (DC, Boulder and Bozeman) and had lots of plane time. So I finally picked up “The Cardinal Divide” and read it. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You did a great job evoking the landscape and I could definitely picture in my mind’s eye the town of Oracle…The mystery also was very well played out, and the messages about protecting the environment were subtly done. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to the next installment!”

Conservationist Wendy Francis

“[I] finished the book a while back and really enjoyed it! Once I got past the fact that I wasn’t really liking [Cole], I totally got sucked into the story. A high energy ending as well, can’t say I’d figured it out any faster than the protagonist so that’s good. Would make a good movie, maybe Paul Gross as Cole…?”

Environmental activist and world traveler Lisa Matthaus

Finished reading your book recently and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It just quite simply exceeded my expectations. You have a great ear for dialogue and a way of developing the characters so that they feel like real people. I also thought the story was very well plotted. It definitely held my attention for the entire read. Well done, my friend, well done!

Matt Jackson, Author, Photographer and Publisher

Feedback on Carry Tiger to Mountain from Readers:

“Carry Tiger to mountain is one of the few books that I keep as a ‘constant read’ … it’s a touchstone for me. Brilliant!.”

Wayne Bradley, activist and community organizer

“I have to tell you I love your book and I have recommended it to all the people that I coach through my Leadership Journey.  I go back to it for inspiration on a regular basis and it never fails.”

Jo Ann Darnell, Leadership Consultant

“Your book has encouraged me so much. I keep finding more and more who’ve made that essential insight –  that is, that love and compassion are the most powerful agents of change – and each instance gives me more courage to speak that same truth. I’ve wrestled in the past with the fear that this is too easily seen as hopelessly naive ideal, and stories such as yours help me remember that the real insanity is thinking that we can change an abusive system through more coercion and more rage. So thank you, deeply. I’ll be recommending Carry Tiger to many, many people.”

Sonia van Dijk, reader and activist