Currently I am writing three series of mystery novels.Visit the books section for links to all of these titles.

The Cole Blackwater Series

Cole Blackwater is a rough-around-the-edges environmental sleuth. He never intended to become entangled in murder, but starting with the publication of the Cardinal Divide in 2008 he has. Titles in this series:

The Cardinal Divide (2008)

The Darkening Archipelago (2010)

The Vanishing Track (2012)

The Glacier Gallows (2014).

The Durrant Wallace Series

Set during seminal events in Canadian history, this series follows the adventures of Durrant Wallace, a member of the celebrated North West Mounted Police. Following an ambush in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan in 1881 Durrant has struggled to return to active duty, but when he is called upon to investigate a murder at the end of steel in 1884 he returns to work and regains his dignity. Titles in this series:

The End of the Line (2011)

The Third Riel Conspiracy (2013)

The Red Rock Canyon Series

Silas Pearson is looking for answers. For more than three years his wife has been missing without a trace in Utah’s red rock canyon wilderness. Silas has given up a lucrative position at the University of Northern Arizona and taken up residence near Moab, Utah, her last know whereabouts. Now he is searching her favorite landscapes, looking for clues, and finding much more than he ever expected. Titles in this series:

The Slickrock Paradox (2012)

Black Sun Descending (2014)

The Same River Twice (2015)