The Glacier Gallows (TouchWood Editions, April 2014)

This is the fourth book in the Cole Blackwater mystery series. Tragedy strikes during an expedition through Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. At the base of a windswept ridge that forms the border between Canada and the United States, Cole Blackwater finds the body of his business partner and former rival Brian Marriott, with a bullet hole in his head. Cole’s long history of violence and his antagonistic past with the deceased put him in the spotlight of the murder investigation.

The fourth Cole Blackwater Mystery, The Glacier Gallows is a rough-edged, fast-paced mystery that will catapult the reader across North America, from Canada’s Parliament Hill to Alberta’s Porcupine Hills to Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Cole, his brother Walter, and reporter Nancy Webber, must race against time to learn who really wanted Brian Marriott dead and why, before Cole himself ends up in the gallows.

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Running Toward Stillness (RMB, October 2014).

In 2006 I went through a period of tremendous upheaval, the result of bad decisions made on my part, and a lifetime of anger and fear that left me in a deep depression, struggling to come to terms with the choices I had made. While running on a sun-dappled trail around Victoria’s iconic Mount Doug I realized that, like so many other people, I felt alone and afraid and was suffering, and that I had to do something or about it. While I had been toying with meditation for years, and studying the teaching of the Buddha since I was a teenager, I dedicated myself more fully to a spiritual practice. One half of that practice was sitting still in meditation. The other half was running up and over Southern Vancouver Island’s rocky domes of arbutus and garry oak.

Running Toward Stillness is the result. There is motion in stillness and stillness in motion. While sitting in meditation our breath forms a rhythmic circle to calm the frantic energy of our minds; while running I have experienced moments of sublime delight, where the boundary between myself and the world around me evaporates. During those moments of bliss I am not a man running through the landscape, but merely one part of nature moving through the rest of creation. Learn more about Running Toward Stillness here.

The Third Riel Conspiracy (TouchWood Editions, March 2013) is the second novel in the Durrant Wallace series of historical mysteries. Set during the Northwest Resistance of 1885, Durrant finds himself in Batoche in the Saskatchewan Territory on the last day of that battle. A man has been murdered behind the Northwest Field Force’s defenses, and a Métis man is in irons for the crime. But Durrant suspects more than mere revenge as the motive for the crime; his investigation takes him deep into the underlying causes for the rebellion and pits him against some of the most powerful men in Canada’s young territories. Unraveling the various conspiracies brings him, and his closest friends, into mortal peril. This book is available in your favorite bookstore or by ordering it online.

This is the second book in the Durrant Wallace series. Read The End of the Line, and follow me on twitter for updates on the book and for future titles in this series.

The Slickrock Paradox (TouchWood Editions, September 2012) is the first book in the Red Rock Canyon Mystery series, set in the American Southwest. Silas Person is looking for answers. His wife, Penelope de Silva has been missing for three and a half years, and law enforcement agencies have given up finding the adventurous Penelope alive. But Silas has not. He’s searching the canyon’s and desert around Moab, Utah, looking for some sign of his wife when he makes a grizzly discovery that leads him into a dangerous and dark world of pot hunters, land developers and murder.

The Slickrock Paradox is the first book in a new series set in the American Southwest. Learn more about the series here, or follow me on Twitter @stephenlegault for updates on this and other writing projects. Read about the back-story to The Slickrock Paradox on my blog.

The Vanishing Track (TouchWood Editions, March 2012) is the third installment in the Cole Blackwater mystery series. The Vanishing Track debuted on The Calgary Herald bestseller list at #1 on April 8th, 2012.

Cole Blackwater has teamed up with his best friend and homelessness advocate Denman Scott to help stop the least fortunate of Vancouver’s residents from being evicted from their low rent hotels to make way for upscale condominiums. But soon they learn that homeless people are vanishing without a trace from the troubled streets of the Downtown Eastside.

Working with Vancouver Sun reporter Nancy Webber and Street Nurse Juliet Rose, Cole and Denman venture into the dark corners of the cities underworld, and into political corruption at City Hall to unravel the mystery behind one of the city’s landmark hotels – the Lucky Strike – before more homeless people find themselves on the vanishing track.

The End of the Line (TouchWood Editions, September 2011) is a historical novel set in the Canadian Rockies during the late winter and early spring of 1884. As winter swept down on the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline in December of 1883 work on the trans Canada railway came to a halt and five hundred men took up residence in what was then called Holt City (and is today know at Lake Louise). Isolated there in the shadow of the Continental Divide, they cut timber for railway ties and for fuel for locomotives. There they prepared for the ambitious construction season yet to come when 12,000 men would descend on the remote wilderness to push the railway towards completion.

As spring draws near, a man has been murdered at the end of track and Durrant Wallace, a veteran of the celebrated March West by the North West Mounted Police a decade earlier, has been returned to active duty to investigate. Wallace, who lost his leg in a gun battle with whiskey traders three years earlier, struggles with the paradox of being a mounted police officer who cannot ride. Wallace must face a desperate group of men who have far more to hide than the simple motivation for murder: the future of the entire Canadian Pacific Railway, and the young country, is at stake at the end of the line. Click here to read more.

The Darkening Archipelago (NeWest, 2010) is the second installment in the Cole Blackwater Mystery series.

After evading death while trying to save Alberta’s breathtaking Cardinal Divide from the threat of coal mining, Cole Blackwater learns that his good friend and former client Archie Ravenwing is presumed dead in the shadowy depths of British Columbia’s Broughton Archipelago. Days before his disappearance, Ravenwing was on the brink of unraveling a corporate conspiracy surrounding an outbreak of sea lice that could decimate the wild salmon population along the BC coastline.

While Cole and newspaper reporter Nancy Webber search for answers, Cole is haunted by the dark secret surrounding his own father’s mysterious death. For Nancy, whose complicated feelings for Cole have resurfaced, getting to the bottom of his family history becomes both a professional and personal obsession. The Darkening Archipelago sweeps us along on a race to salvage human souls and wild ecosystems. Click here for more on the The Darkening Archipelago.

The Cardinal DivideThe Cardinal Divide (NeWest, 2008) Cole Blackwater’s life isn’t what it used to be. Once a political superstar within Ottawa’s environmental movement, he now runs a nearly defunct conservation strategy consulting firm which distinctly lacks a paying client. His ex-wife loathes him for a scandalous affair that ended their marriage, he feels he’s failing his eight-year-old daughter as a father, and he’s turning far too often to the bottle to solve his problems.

So when Peggy McSorlie, head of the Eastern Slopes Conservation Group, seeks his help to stop a mining project planned for Alberta’s magnificent Cardinal Divide, Blackwater jumps on the opportunity to earn enough money to pay the rent and buy a few pints at his favorite pub. But when Mike Barnes, head of the mining project, is brutally murdered and a radical member of Eastern Slopes Conservation Group is accused of killing him, Blackwater must struggle with his numerous demons in order to stay in Oracle, exonerate his colleague, find the real killer and save The Cardinal Divide. Visit the my Blog for updates on the Cole Blackwater mystery series.

Carry Tiger to MountainCarry Tiger to Mountain (Arsenal, 2006) is an interpretation of Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching for activists and leaders within various activist movements in North American civil society. It is also an explanation of how the Tao, and Taoist thought, might be applied to the challenges, conflicts, and obstacles that activists face as they fight against poverty and environmental degradation, for workers’ rights, freedom of expression, equality, and social justice.

The book includes an interpretation of the Tao te Ching’s 81 verses, tailored to today’s activists, progressive business leaders, and leaders within progressive, civil society. This interpretation is not a direct translation, but rather my interpretation of the Tao te Ching. The balance of the book explains how the Tao’s ancient wisdom can be used by activists and leaders to help us protect what we love. It covers such topics as fundraising, working in coalitions, strategy, managing conflict and change ,and finding balance between our efforts as activists and other elements of a healthy life.

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