Love Made Visible is a short, 22,000 word book based on a piece of writing I did in 2013 that explores how human suffering is leading to the destruction of the earth. It is currently being considered for publication. Stay tune on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

The hypothesis behind Love Made Visible is this:

Our suffering is killing us, and it’s destroying our planet. All people suffer. We feel pain and fear that we often can’t understand. Twenty-five hundred years ago the Buddha taught that we experience this suffering because we fail to make peace with the fact that we all grow old, lose that which we love, fall sick and one day die. We fail to see our lives as they really are: connected to each and every other living soul on earth. We suffer because the desire for more that we experience can never be satisfied.

Suffering and the fear that it induces in part leads us to over-consume and destroy our precious life support system. Rather than facing the difficult, but ultimately liberating truth about our own finite existence we try to insulate ourselves with bigger homes, faster cars, and gadgets that distract us from the world around us. There is a hole in many of our hearts that needs to be filled but instead of doing the hard spiritual work necessary we hide behind the material to keep from feeling pain.

There is an end to suffering. Connect with nature and one-another; walk quietly in the woods or in a park, sit silently, meditate, do Tai Chi, practice Yoga: pray. There are many spiritual pathways to find peace and connect us with our highest purpose. Unafraid, we might find we need so much less to be truly joyful and in doing so relieve the suffering overconsumption has wrought on our planet.