The Fourth Cole Blackwater Mystery

Cole Blackwater has caught a few breaks in the last year. He’s starting to come to grips with his violent history, and is even making progress controlling his own temper. He’s dating Nancy Webber, and is starting to make a success of his environmental consulting business. After five difficult years, it seems like Cole is going to come out of his dark days.

One thing that surprises Cole is that he is actually enjoying his work with his old nemesis Brian Marriott. Together they are leading a project to pressure government and industry to adopt more alternative energy projects as part of Canada’s energy future. The pair decides to lead a group of reporters, elected officials and policy specialists on a hike through Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in Montana and Alberta to witness first hand in the impacts of climate change on the environment. Where once more than 125 glaciers capped their name-sake National Park, now just twenty five remain, and they are melting fast.

On the last morning of the hike, on a windswept ridge that forms the international border between Canada and the United States, tragedy strikes. Brian Marriott doesn’t show up for breakfast and after a frantic search, his broken body is found at the base of a steep cliff. It looks as if he has fallen to his death until Cole’s brother, Walter, a Park Warden in Waterton, discovers a bullet hole in Brian’s head.

Soon the RMCP and the FBI swarm the site, squabbling for jurisdiction and scouring the site for evidence and suspects. Now his long history of violence and his antagonist past with the dead man put Cole in the spotlight of the murder investigation.

The Glacier Gallows is a rough edged, fast paced mystery that will catapult the reader across North America, from Canada’s Parliament Hill to  to Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation where fracking – a new and dangerous method of extracting gas from deep beneath the earth – threatens to destroy an ancient culture. Cole and Nancy must race against time to learn who really wanted Brian Marriott dead and why before Cole himself ends up in the gallows.

The Glacier Gallows is now available from TouchWood Editions. Read the first chapter here. Buy it here.

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